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Beware of Cross Selling – The Ye Bhi Le Lo syndrome

Italian Trulli
1) Home Loan 7) Credit Card
2) Top Up Loan 8) Property Insurance
3) Interior Loan 9) Life Insurance
4) SB Account 10) Mutual Funds
5) Debit Card 11) Fixed Deposits
6) Locker Facility 12) Twelth Man

This is how the field is set when you plan to take a home loan. The entire playing 11 is focussed on getting you out. A slight flick and you are caught behind. BAT CAREFULLY

If you were to trust the wisdom and experience of digiHOMELOAN and enjoy a bit of our humour then remember the twelth man is waiting for you with a Demat A/c Form saying …. “Sir, it’s a bull market.”

Bank or Housing Finance Companies, Private, Government Or MNC all are the same in terms of field setting.

As digiHOMELOAN user you must remember the following to bat carefully

1) Every bank/HFC will try to sell you products of their sister concern/subsidiaries/divisions/ or 3rd party tie-ups and earn commission out of the products cross sold

2) The various banks and HFC’s that operate in the marketplace are in different stages of business life cycle.

3) More established & older the player more will they try to cross sell and earn more revenue per customer.

4) Some are relatively new in home loan financing space and therefore their focus is to capture market share only in home loan and not worry about sales of ancillary products. They will be very happy with only your home loan account.

5) Some are trying to make a comeback and try to recapture their lost market share. They will also try to deal only in plain vanilla home loans and not worry about cross sale

We know the older guys and the newer ones equally well. Register with us to be better prepared to bat on the these pitches which are more treacherous than the South African pitches