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Privacy Policy

1) Definitions of Phrases and Words used in Privacy Policy

The phrase/s "You", “Your” and “User” means the entity/ individual, who visit and/or register as Users with

The phrase/s “We”, “Us” ,“Our” , “website” and “company” are used to describe the owners of this website which is Peedikayil Consulting Private Limited.

The phrase/s “Service Providers” means any “Home Loan Providers” like “Banks”, “NBFC’s”, “Direct Selling Agencies of Banks and NBFC’s” and “Individual Agents’ of Banks & NBFC’s” registered with as Service Providers

The term Personal Information will mean your First Name, Middle Name , Last name Email address , mobile number and the City of stay or City of property purchase or any other city of choice you mention while registering with us

2) The terms and conditions of Privacy Policy

"You" as in the “User” out of Your own free will and understanding share Your personal information namely Your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name , Email address, mobile number and the City of stay or City of property purchase or any other City of Your choice to register with

You authorise us to share your personal information with our Service Providers and they will contact you to consult, promote and sell their services

You authorise us and our service providers to send you respective updates, offers and promotions from time to time

We store and process your Personal Information using reasonable security measures. However, we do not guarantee that our website is completely hackproof. Our website can be hacked and your personal information can be stolen and used for purposes which are not mentioned in this privacy policy. You shall not hold us responsible in case your personal information is hacked and stolen from our website and misused or used for any other purposes not defined in the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy